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The Delkim NiteLite Pro Illuminating Hanger has been in development for over three years and offers upgraded improvements from the original NiteLite from Delkim. After intensive development and field testing to perfect to NiteLite Pro, the CatFlex cable assembly was born and this gives good tensile strength and allows the fine wires needed to connect to the Delkim Plus range bite alarm to be protected. Encased in a flexible black stainless steel coil, the wires of the cable are protected from not just general usage and storage methods but from the weather and dirt found when on the UK bankside.

Perfect for the carp angler that loves an overnight session, the Delkim Illuminating Hanger sports it owns integral magnetic line/ball clip, LED and bite alarm attachment all in one. Hanging like a chain, the NiteLite Pro is extremely strong which has a smooth strike release which means no snatching and over-tightening of your line to protect both rods and bite alarms.

The integral magnetic ball clip on the illuminating hanger is both self-adjusting and non-twist, giving you a free run without the chaos of tangled line. This clip allows the bobbin to got to the top of the rod with ease, staying on the line until you have managed to get your boots on and answer that screaming run.


The NiteLite Pro has its own intrinsic LED which is powered by the outward socket of any Delkim Plus alarms. No batteries are required saving you a costly expense. Just remember to fully charge up those bite alarms prior to your session. The vita lights included replicating the exact LED functions found on the alarm for a coordinated setup. The LED light offers you flashing, latching and night marking features where the LED glow incredibly gently to not spook those carp!

The Delkim NiteLite Pro also boasts a thread in the bottom, allowing you to add the Delkim D stack weight should you need to when targeting those larger species. Accepting 2BA threaded drag weights, up to 4oz/114g, the NiteLite Pro can be used as a stand-alone hanger or stabilised if necessary, especially in windy conditions, simply attach to the DuoCarb Pivoting Hanger Support(Sold Separately).