Avid Carp Lok Down Adjustable Stage Stand

Avid Carp
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A fantastic addition to Avids best selling Lok-Down range of bankwear and accessories, the ultimate answer to dealing with swims built from wooden pallets, stages and sleepers! With traditional stage stands only giving you one fixed option, these clever designs let you adjust the position to get your rods to get them properly level. Very simple to use, just screw them in place, then use the upper collar to tighten and adjust the angle. These are also fully compatible with the Lok-down banksticks and the Avid stage stand inserts.


  • Fully adjustable positioning
  • Black Aluminium finish
  • Lockdown Cam System
  • Compatible with Lok Down banksticks and Avid Stage Stand Inserts
  • Single screw attachment for ease of use
  • Studded base to reduce twisting