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These Pellets are the perfect hook bait for anglers looking to target F1s, carp, and a variety of other coarse fish. Designed by Steve Ringer to complement Ringers Dark Groundbait, these expander pellets can be used to fantastic effect straight from the bag as floating feed – which is ideal when carp are active and feeding at the surface of the water. However, these expander pellets were designed to be fished from the hook and boast a spongy texture and firm consistency, even when expanded.

Steve recommends that you prepare these pellets on the bank using a pellet pump to achieve devastating results. Simply transform your pellets into sinkers using the pellet pump as usual and then seal your pellets in a tight fitting air-tight bag with a little water for a minimum of half an hour. This allows your pellets to soak up water without expanding too much from their original size. You can then place these pellets directly onto your hook, without having to use a hair rig, making them ideal for waggler fishing. If you are unable to prepare your pellets at the bank using a pellet pump you can also pre-soak your bait. This would need to be done a minimum of two hours before you intend on using the Fast Acting Expanders, but for the very best results you should soak them overnight in cold water.

Available in three sizes, Steve recommends the smallest 4mm size for those anglers targeting F1s, the medium 6mm size for most carp, and the largest 8mm size for larger fish – remembering that these pellets will expand! Ringers Fast Acting Expander Pellets are dark green in colour and have a reduced oil content, making them perfect for angling in cold water conditions. Ringers Fast Acting Expander Pellets are supplied in 400g bags.