Korum Day Shelter Lite

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The Day Shelter Lite is a super stable shelter offering great protection from the elements on short sessions. It's significantly lighter than any previous models, but has been redesigned to offer more coverage than ever.

The front bar of the shelter has a bar that's been angled in such a way to provide a built-in peak. This extension of the shelter means you can sit further back inside. This is further helped by the flat-back design, meaning you have lots of headroom even when your chair is touching the back of the shelter.

Korum has also made the shelter slightly wider, which means you can get more gear around you when sitting on a chair.

What's more, for those thinking of using it with a small bed chair, you can loosen the tension strap and lower the shelter, making it slightly wider still.

All this comes in weighing just 3.8kg, a really light shelter for one with a solid frame.

The material is still very waterproof but due to its nature rolls away in a more compact way than previous models.

Shelter size: H 1.4m x W 1.95m x D 1.7m.

Pack down size: H 112cm x W x 14cm x D 14cm