Fortis Finseeker - Glass Amber Switch Silver XBlok

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Introducing Fortis's first glass lens into the Fortis range. 

Relentless development and no expense spared has formed the pinnacle of lens technology. Glass offers a multitude of advantages including clarity, scratch resistance and polarisation.

Years of research, samples and development have gone into forming the ultimate colour combination. Designed to maximise clarity, enhance colours, increase contrast, illuminate dull tones and adapt to changing conditions.

These Italian glass lenses incorporate our SWITCH™ technology. 

The Switch or photochromic technology means that the lenses ‘switch’ in colour / shade when exposed to UV light. In bright light the lenses darken, in low light the lenses lighten. This allows the user perfect vision through the course of a session, whether that be at low light at dawn, stalking in the midday sun or looking for subtle signs of fish at dusk.

The final extra touch that makes these lenses a cut above the rest is the incorporation of an anti-reflective coating on the inner side of the lens. The first of our models to incorporate this feature designed to stop reflection from the users own face.

Moving onto the frames, the lightweight yet strong TR90 Nylon will withstand the toughest conditions. The frame design boasts a myriad of features with vents for increased air flow to minimise internal fogging, rubber nose pad and tips on the arms provide maximum comfort. 

To top this all off, the sprung loaded hinges allow for over extension of the arms to not only protect against excessive stress but to also cater for all head shapes and sizes.

The Finseekers come with a microfibre cleaning cloth, durable hard case and dedicated quick release lanyard that can be permanently fixed to the frames.