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Utilising a combination of fresh tuna and a mixture of rich, pelagic fish, Pure Fish Liquid has been designed to have a superb nutritional profile that offers superior levels of natural attraction.

This viscous hydrolysate has been proven to improve palatability, as well as having great health benefits to all fish. Being marine derived, it is high in natural salts and contains many of the amino acids known to be irresistible to carp. It can be used in anything you wish, and due to its soluble nature, can be used throughout the year.

Sourced directly from the supplier, this liquid is exclusive to Sticky and as with all of our liquid foods is completely raw and untampered with.

Key Features

  • High in free amino acids
  • Super soluble
  • PVA friendly
  • Thick, with a super salty taste
  • Perfect for soaking boilies or adding to spod mixes
  • 500ml bottle