Drennan Fluoro Super Feeder 1m Feeder Rig

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Super Spade Hooks To Nylon feature an incurved needle-point that provides an excellent hook hold.

These hooks to nylon are ideal for targeting big fish. The smaller sizes are perfect for mounting baits such as maggots and are the go-to hook for most anglers when trotting for big chub.

The Range:

  • Size 12 to 6.4lb (0.22mm)
  • Size 14 to 5.6lb (0.20mm)
  • Size 16 to 5lb (0.19mm)


  • 1m Long Fluorocarbon Hooklengths
  • Bronze
  • Special bend
  • Forged
  • Medium shank
  • Reversed
  • Chemically etched long needle point
  • 8 hook­lengths per packet