A Casting Masterclass With Terry Edmonds - Part 2

Immediately Terry was beaming with confidence and said he would be able to help us improve considerably with only a couple of minor alterations to our technique. Personally my biggest mistake was that the length of my drop was too short. I thought I had seen on a video some time ago that the drop from the tip to the lead should be approx a third of the length of the rod when in fact ideally should be the whole length of the tip section down to the spigot. This adjustment initially meant the first few casts went too high and therefore lost distance which with practice soon came right. I had always used a backward movement to help load the rod and also held the rod relatively low and close to my body.
We were instructed on the art of first touching the lead on the floor followed by a very slight lift, then whilst holding the rod high in the air with both arms fully extended pulling down on the butt with as much speed as possible. This soon made vast improvements on both of our distances as Ian and I became more and more accustomed to the new style growing in confidence with every effort. Our distances increased almost with every go as minor tweaks were made with the culmination of using Terry’s 13ft rods with a braided shock leader and ten pound mono. Ian and I had both made huge improvements to 137yds and 178yds respectively and just a little shorter with our own original set-ups. The morning that we had spent with Terry was ore inspiring and absolutely fantastic. I cannot recommend Terry highly enough and if you have ever even half thought about it then you should definitely give him a call or contact him via e-mail, it is well worth every penny.

Many, many thanks to him the fish now have even less places to hide!

Contact Terry:
Telrck1@aol.com 07747183486