A Casting Masterclass With Terry Edmonds - Part 1

There are always regular discussions going on in the shop most weeks revolving around casting and the ability to chuck a lead as far as is humanly possible. Usually with customers requiring new tackle because they have read articles talking about fishing at extreme ranges with the latest rod or reel or even line which helps to increase casting distance. During one such chat a good friend and regular to the shop, Ian Moules was talking about the idea of having a casting lesson with one of `the main men' from the tournament casting scene as he felt in would be extremely beneficial. Having always had a background in various sports throughout my life I have never been one to underestimate the power of some coaching and instantly offered to join him.

There are only a few anglers available to give lessons and Ian remembered reading one or two articles written by Terry Edmonds which had already improved his casting with a couple of tips Terry had suggested in his features so he seemed the natural choice, also he is probably one of the best distance casting anglers in the country!
We met up with Terry at some massive shopping centre in Braintree, Essex (which the good lady instantly recognised, surprise, surprise) and proceeded to follow him to a large open field on the outskirts of Colchester.
Our morning started with two or three casts on our own rod and reel set-ups as we would normally use, so that Terry could asses us and see what kind of style and distance we could achieve prior to our re-education.
Ian and I both had fifteen pound line,shockleaders and a four ounce lead on which we proceeded to cast towards some cones positioned on the other side of the forty acre+ field. Initially when Terry said we would use these cones Ian and I looked at each other with sheer horror, we could barely see them let alone cast any where near! Thankfully he meant that we would be using one each as an indication of where our lead had landed from the starting point which we were to measure with a measuring wheel. After a couple of goes Ian had recorded almost 110yds with mine just over 120 which we both felt was a pretty fair reflection on our current ability despite desperately trying not to look complete fools and sky one or crack off in front of an audience (you know what its usually like on the bank, if something goes wrong it always happens when you have an audience!).